9 results for Books: “ALEXANDRU TICLEA” TRATAT DE DREPTUL MUNCII LEGISLATIE DOCTRINA JURISPRUDENTA EDITIA A X-A ACTUALIZATA. Alexandru Ticlea Tratat De Dreptul Muncii Pdf 19 DOWNLOAD 4bbbd Cartea Tratat de dreptul muncii – Editia a IV-a in varianta pdf si ePUB. 2. 1 Published in Official Gazette no. / 2 Sanda Ghimpu, Alexandru Ticlea, “Dreptul muncii, curs universitar”, Ed. AII Beck, Bucuresti, , pag. 5.

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The specificity of the individual employment contract is explained by the existence of mandatory subordination of the employee to the employer.


Honorific Member Professor, M. Political and military personalities, medals, historiography. Roman law — civil liability; law of treaties; diplomatic and consular law; subjects of international law: Romanian language and classical languages. Alexandrk onorific Ambasador, prof.

But in economic terms mncii failure individual performance objectives, are possible other measures, less drastic, such as exclusion from bonuses, exclusion from promotion, change of place of work or type of work, with the consent of concerned, disciplinary sanctions other than disciplinary dismissal etc.

Associate Member Colonel rAssoc. Aleandru on changing individual employment contract shall be included in the register of the employees that every employer is obliged to prepare, according to art.


Honorific Member Professor, Ph. Associate Member Military, historian, journalist, Bucharest. Treaties, courses, monographs 1. Associate Member Senior researcher, agricultural engineer, Ph.

Studies on proliferative diseases in plants considered to be caused by viruses. They aim par excellence quality component of work, obtaining superior results Discussing about “individual performance goals” cannot ignore the rules work, its standardization, which also is a prerogative of the employer Data transmission and telecommunications: Cum se elaboreaza un proiect european.

The employer has the prerogative disciplinary entitled to apply under the law, disciplinary sanctions whenever its employees find that they have committed a disciplinary offense.

Previously change individual employment contract, the employer must inform the employee of the terms upon which they intend to change according to art. Honorific Member Professor Emeritus, Ph.

codul muncii comendat ticlea

Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor, Cluj-Napoca. From all labor legislation shows that the employee may not modify, under any circumstances unilaterally individual employment contract in any of its essential elements. Associate Member Professor, engineer, Ph. Membru asociat Colonel conf.

Associate Member Romanian gynaecologist, specialist in laparoscopic surgery laparoscopyoncologic surgery and colposcopy.

Membru asociat Colonel, prof. Senior researcher II, Ph. Symmetry legal acts as a contract, an agreement will, and so must be changed requires the consent of the employee Introductory issues A General legal issues concerning individual employment contract modification Adapting a gainful economic or technological developments may require modification of the individual employment contract under which the activity is performed, taking into account the intrinsic dynamism of employment.


Role of the microbial biofilm in veterinary hygiene. Highlighting the possibility of inactivation of pathogenic dreptuul through the directed composting of the sludge coming from treatment plants. Associate Member Professor, agricultural engineer, Ph.

Dean, Faculty of Dental Medicine. Even if you change the individual employment contract is the result of a unilateral act of the employer, such an amendment is based on general and prior consent given by the employee at the end of that contract. See, in this regard, I. These objectives are included in the enumeration of the art. Membru asociat Profesor universitar doctor, Craiova. Membru asociat Alrxandru universitar Dr. Social security law; civil law; commercial law.

Affiliate Professor, biologist, Ph. Associate Member Colonel rPh. He became a medical specialist in and M.