TiHKAL: The Continuation, by Alexander and Ann Shulgin. The Vaults of Erowid: TiHKAL: The Continuation, by Alexander and Ann Shulgin THE VAULTS OF EROWID PLANTS Ik DRUGS MIND & SPIRIT uDDort freedom. TiHKAL · info is a visual index and map of “ TiHKAL: The Continuation,” by Alexander & Ann Shulgin. In TiHKAL the authors continue their exploration ( begun in.

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The lack of significant toxic effects should make this compound useful for further studies. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Does one organize by snuff name? If we could shulgun this into all men, human inter-relations would undoubtedly improve greatly. The organic solvents were removed under vacuum, and the residue dissolved in 70 mL CH2CI2 and washed with 50 mL additional tartaric acid solution. The pineal was calcified with fluoride, but there’s no indication besides skeletal fluorosis that F can destroy the pineal, leading to weakened conscious states in man or the animal.

This plant, in Argentina, occurs in only two major species P. Initially this was felt as clarity of detail of everything around me followed by slight time distortion. That is the reason for the presentation of the effects of harmaline by itself, and of Peganum harmala seeds, just by themselves. In some of these examples, the inhibitor was taken ahead of the actual tryptamine, as indicated by the alexaner statement.

I had my full effect in just over an hour, with almost no visual or physical properties, but a crashing fear of interacting.


DET to yield a white oil weighing 1. At hsulgin hours, I noticed a complete change of character, the harmaline was beginning to kick in.

Tihkal: The Continuation by Alexander Shulgin

Here, the adding of that additional methyl group gives a tertiary amine that has the skeleton of DMT. Accompanying this was a pronounced auditory buzz. The effects can be allowed a predominant role, or they may be repressed and made secondary to other chosen activities. This compound, as with the 5-methoxy and the 7-methoxy counterparts, is a potent monoamineoxidase inhibitor, and it has also been reported to have hypoglycemic activity.

Tihkal: The Continuation

In the amphetamine camp, both compounds are dramatic stimulants showing a complete spectrum of sympathomimetic properties including cardiovascular excitement, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness. Here is a drug that goes directly after the hearing system, rather than the seeing system. Up, up, out, out, eyes closed, I am at the speed of light, expanding, expanding, expanding, faster and faster until I have become so large that I no longer exist – my speed is so great that everything has come to a stop – here I gaze upon the entire universe.

The levels are increased with the administration of monoamineoxidase inhibitors. The medical profession held that narcotics addiction was a medical problem, and the legal authorities held that it was a legal problem.

There was then added an excess of 2N HCI, the mixture cooled, and the resulting solids removed by filtration.

Full text of “Tryptamines i Have Known And Loved”

Lerned a few new things about psychedelic theraphy and life To view it, click here. Ilya Tisevich rated it it was amazing Aug 16, A similar study with ten suulgin paranoid schizophrenic patients in the same setting and with the same dosage produced similar effects.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. After the addition was tihhkal, reflux was maintained for an additional 16 h, the reaction mixture cooled, and the excess hydride destroyed by the cautious addition of wet dioxane.

I can’t begin to describe the value of this second Shulgin tome. These were removed by filtration, and air-dried to constant weight. The above indolylglyoxyl chloride was added, portionwise, to 20 mL stirred anhydrous dibutylamine. Shulfin clinical trials from which the 80 mg comment above was entered, were conducted on a population of physically sound alcoholics.

Swift entry — head overwhelmed — elaborate and exotic. The ornaments, painted white, on the roof and eaves had a particularly strong decorative effect. Then, if it were an effective compound, it might well be a long acting one. His report was with 5 milligrams, and said: As if my heart would not beat, as if I had no body, no nothing. Paperbackpages. Could this compound play a role in explaining the activity of the parent dialkylamine?

What is to be done if one of the prefixes belongs to one group, and the other to the other?

Complicated erotic, good talking, looked pretty stoned, and yet I still had cognitive integrity.