The Folding Star: A Novel [Alan Hollinghurst] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edward Manners – thirty-three, disaffected, in search of a. The Folding Star [Alan Hollinghurst] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Booker Prize finalist finally back in print. ‘An extraordinary book which takes the reader into a world of obsession and mystery The Folding Star is lit by insight and humour’ Evening Standard.

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Edward had not enough work to employ his mind or his libido and soon had placed himself in the worst posture for a teacher, becoming hopelessly besotted with his blond, seventeen-year-old student, Luc Altidore. The characters fell flat for hollinghuest with this novel, they were somewhat rigid and lacking in different dimensions. Martin Amis and Edmund White do not evoke this feeling any longer, though I love them; Updike did, if in his hoolinghurst decade only journalistically. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

While there are weaknesses in the early books—a penchant for narcissistic, sex-obsessed protagonists, a glaring lack of developed female characters—these can be explained away as being part of the territory. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I’m not normally giving to skim-reading, but this tedious, hoolinghurst, and over-long novel forced me into it.

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This took me longer to read because it gave me a boner the whole time. Mar 17, Helle rated it liked it Shelves: I occasionally thought of rating the novel four stars.

God only hollingnurst why straight people might read this. Unlike Racine, there’s no tragedy here because there’s no possibility of a fall from the gutter. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lolita, Unrequited love trumps every other human emotion to act as the most fertile source of timeless hollinghurzt. They drew respectful crowds of Sunday couples in rustling waterproofs the day had made an uncertain start. I think it’s a subversion of the superman theory along the lines of Crime and Punishment.

Edward Manners, a year-old aspiring British writer, arrives in a Flemish town to work as a private tutor in English, only to find himself obsessively smitten zlan one of his pupils, Luc Altidore, a year-old expelled from school. Its theme is obsession and its object is a year-old Belgian youth, who, just prior to disappearing, is graphically ravished by his year-old English tutor.


Alan Hollinghurst

There’s a whiff of AIDS in the tale which probably made the sex seem a lot more dangerous upon publication insuggesting that the narrator is not as sexually bulletproof as he thinks, along with the fact that he falls hollinghirst love because he wants to fall in love and fails to notice that those around him exist outside of how he decides to direct his love.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. View all 8 comments. With this, Alan Hollinghurst becomes my favorite living novelist. I listened to three hours of sixteen, and I’ve stopped. I got to page 30 with partial skimming – I found in those pages nothing insightful or humorous or of value; with no desire to read more I am not in a position to review it.

Other jobs He taught English at Oxford University until before taking up the position of deputy editor of the Times Literary Supplement, where he worked until Edward ends up working for curator of Orst’s museum and biographer Hollonghurst. This is too bad, because taken as a whole the novel offers a fascinating, often eloquent look at the nature of desire and the impossibility of making time gollinghurst still. So it is ashamed that a book of this high stature should be marred by the Kindle edition.

The slender, well conceived, well written landmark of literature, Lolita would have been a better framework for success. I say loosely because it takes hundreds of pages before this small link is established and it remained very loose indeed to me.

May I point out that the choice of third person focused narrative works incredibly – far better than the first person narrative of the preceding novel, where Hollinghurst was less able to slip in little hints that reveal the undercurrents in the story.

There is no shockingly original plot idea here. With so many men in the novel acknowledging such a wide variety of loving experiences with other men, I was put in mind of the Kinsey Scale, after Alfred Kinsey, who conducted studies of male and female sexuality from Indiana University in the middle years of the 20th century.


In he moved on to aaln at University College London. I am going to complain to Amazon about this but still give the book 5 stars. It is an unusual list.

The Folding Star

Yes, I understand that the parallel was the whole point, but nonetheless the plot really stagnated there. This book is fascinating but not in a good way.

Yes, this is the least best hkllinghurst his enviable oeuvre—but it happens to have the Boy, am I enchanted with this elusive Mr. The Folding Aalan scores low ratings in reviews for two things: This is a problem that I have found in all of Alan Hollinhurst’s novels so far. There is an almost subliminal suggestion of yearning of Paul for Edward. A story about a private tutor who falls in love with one of his students.

Very hard to decide how to rate this novel – there were moments of intense frustration when I wanted to give up on it because Hollinghurst got so bogged down in details that didn’t seem to further the plot the history of Edgar Orst, for instancethen there would be a passage of such transcendent brilliance that I just had to give it another chance. It hangs together a bit better than this suggests, but only a bit.

The writing is very stylish and elegant, but the story is unnecessarily elaborate and only sporadically engaging. Byatt, forget Tom Stoppard!

He is mostly preoccupied with getting laid. View all 7 comments.

The Folding Star: A Novel: Alan Hollinghurst: : Books

Alan Hollinghurst writes sublimely. That is, in a complicated way that indulges his very strong personality. Reads as if it were a tale told at the beginning of the 20th century rather than the end, arcane and stilted.

Edward does have sex with Luc though not in the slow, seductive, romantic way he had daydreamed about through out the novel. I have gushed about his prose in my reviews of all his novels, and this one was no exception.