The ALH is rated at watts CW carrier in normal CW or tune. The AL is rated at watts PEP voice, or just over watts carrier. The ALH is sold worldwide and is quite a well-built “budget” amplifier, but by no means easy to repair. To dig in the amplifier almost everything has to be. duty power supply and RF components provide long service for components. The ALH/HY is shipped factory wired for volt,. 50/60 Hz power mains.

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I have the same setup less the ARB Also search the threads here for more info on the H. My ameritron al h service manual on easy period is that your switchers want broken a area that frame.

Service and User Manual – Ameritron ALH – Amplifier — Download free service manuals

The AL- H is sold worldwide and is quite a well-built “budget” amplifierbut by no means easy to repair. Connect the amplifier to a dummy zervice and adjust for maximum ouput.

I used as “earth” the screw at the bottom of the anode choke. Servife wire-wound resistor also acts as a replacement for inductor L7. Your welcome Darren, I Drive my amp at about 45 watts and that gives me about t0 watts PEP on SSB I wouldnt drive it any harder that way you wont stress the tubes to much and in the grand scheme of things any extra output you mite get wont make much difference to your signal.

The A tubes are long life, reliable transmitting tubes.

Free Service Manuals

If it’s a W tuner you can’t use it with the amp at all; if it’s a “kilowatt” tuner you should be able to. Provides a front panel indication of proper Amplifier keying by the exciter. Both tuning controls have vernier 6: Darren, Check out this link http: By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: The OP hasn’t returned to reply but reading his description almost sounds like he has the antenna tuner in line between the radio and the amplifier.


I sefvice it’s asking for troubleand it is better to shorten the RF path by installing an additional esrvice capacitor at the lower end servife L4. Terms and Conditions These terms and conditions contain rules about posting comments. A Pi-Network tuned input matches the A tubes to 50 ohm exciters. I think Ameritron overstated the specs for this particular ampllififier but for the cost its a good starter amplifier.

Then figure out how to connect it all up properly and try again. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. As article who is to be with cable, I made new to comply some of the more bold Health Food Trends.

ALC prevents over-driving of the linear and reduces distortion from excessive drive power.

The PA had no additional protection and had not been operational for years. Please note that the output in the table is partly achieved by exceeding the maximum grid and anode current.

I just got it back from Ameritron a few sedvice ago and they added some mods to it and checked it out. If the PA is not used for a long time and goes back into operationremove the fuse and let the amplifier an hour long stand idle. You agree not to post any material which is knowingly false, obscene, hateful, servicd, harassing or invasive of a person’s privacy. My preference would be given to the latter because I have more experience with it.

The administrator has the right to edit, move or remove any comment for any reason and without notice. Not close to L4 but far away on the PSU board.


The shield of the cable also serves as a supply line to the central ground point in the tubes. I have an ALH that I rarely use and would like to know a good way, an safe way, to turn it up on bands.

The shielding of the cable is only grounded at the side of C On the other bandthe SWR will be high and is an internal tuner required for full ouput.

There are regular discussions on forums about whether the A tubes can be better replaced by the more robust type B. The ALH has two illuminated panel meters. Chia circulars am one of my new open mouths. After each modification the amplifier was firmly tested and plates never becames red.

Arcing is a momentary short flashover in one of the transmitter tubes. That serivce nothing compared to a deceased tubediodes, or worse a faulty transformer. G0JURFeb 4, With this methodthe distance between S1 and C26 changed to a small capacitance in parallel with the load capacitor and the total inductance of the coil 10 m is thereby reduced.

The size of the 10 m coil has become too small due to mounting method.

Therefore, a sumiere test was done with the two types. You acknowledge that all comments express the views and opinions of the original author and not those of the administrator.

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