Jet pipe for Panther /Aeronaut “SUPERLIGHT”: This jet pipe fits the Aeronaut Panther in combination with a Kolibri or P is made. For sale is my newly finished and unflown Aeronaut F9F Panther. This is an all composite kit with removable wings designed for 90mm EDF.

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Taxi to the center line and within 30 feet was airborn. Any suggestions for this model would be welcome.

Maiden on 6s Well guys, today after work I got a chance to go out a grab a flight. All markings are pressure sensitive decals that can be removed if you ever aedonaut to repaint the plane in another scheme. Last edited by Downwind3Zero; Aerinaut 05, at Well guys, today after work I got a chance to go out a grab a flight.

I had to hysol my gear as my B and D retracts were leaking so I just put a dab of hysol on the nipples to make sure I can hold air for a few hours. Landing even with flaps seems to float aeronaaut with wind. Ailerons were not the fastest but again scale.

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F9F “Panther” for retracts (Aeronaut)

I added some strength in the vertical stab just to make it bit stronger there. So I topped off the retracts air, and popped in a pack. CG and Throws Thanks guys for the input. The short intake and exhaust is very efficient. EDF Sport Jet, unflown with extras. Thanks guys for the input.


Mine was on W flew great, bungee. Just fast as stink and better than 1: My original one flew great on WATTs. You may not post new threads. Images View all Images in thread.

Jet pipe for Panther /Aeronaut “SUPERLIGHT” – GRUMANIA JETS

I had double the throw needed on everything and it was abit of a handful to not overcontrol it on the maiden flight. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

The main canopy hatch opens with a hatch latch and the panthwr section can be removed via screws to access the power plant. All servos are metal geared, with low profile aileron servos and a digital mini elevator servo. Quote message in reply?

But everything seems pretty solid, so ROG is going to happen. But all in all it was a good maiden and no problems were encountered. Maiden I was thinking sunday if everything worked out. Jul 07, Initially it climbed and Aerlnaut was feeding a few clicks of down trim as I headed strait out.

AirPower 90mm EDF unit. Just on Taxi it seems with 6s to have great authority. The vertical I put a carbon rod on the leading edge also added the ply bulkhead on the lower section and put a 2oz cloth strip behind the bulkhead there is less twist in the rear of the fuse.


SOLD: Aeronaut Panther 90mm EDF *Built, Unflown* FREE SHIPPING!

You will need batteries, an ESC, motor, and a receiver to be ready to fly. Well I will try to get some photos and as always look for a video camera. Piece of carbon fiber rod and epoxy. I just want to compare notes, I finished off a conversion from Bob Ruff and have a wemo 90 pro with a 1.

I did about 5 minutes on a 6s pack and it was way windy but what the heck I dont have a rudder lets just punch out. Ready for a Maiden I have down what you guys have said and made sure about the rates on the controls. Outrunners in EDF 90mm and mm. All seams have been filled and sanded for a beautiful finish. May 08, I hope the flaps add to the float factor but need to make sure not to stall. Remember Me Forgot Password?

The plane comes with all servos installed and centered.

Well I will make the necessary adjustments to my radio and then give it a go. Free aeroaut buy or sell! Hey Jeff what day?